How we do it

Our framework to take initial financial thoughts and drivers through to actionable, monitorable and accountable plans. delivers. Introduction

The first stage of the process is focused on finding out relevant information about you, and what your planning motivations and objectives are.

Covered at our cost, this includes any initial discussions, including discovery meetings and conversations. These can be a face to face consultation or any one of our communication methods.

Stage 1 – Plan Formation

The first step into planning starts with creating your plan, this takes all of the discussion points and details we have obtained. Putting it all together this is the part that defines all of the relevant areas that are required to meet your planning requirements. This process sets out your immediate and future needs.

Stage 2 – Plan Implementation

Taking the findings from Plan Formation, we put in motion any action points. This involves financial intermediation (financial advice), where we take plan outcomes to advise, arrange and implement suitable financial strategies.

An investment portfolio would be constructed and prepared ready to be executed into the plan. The right investments enhance wealth, provide inflation proofing and should move forward insuring that the tax efficiency remains a constant.

When actioning plans common scenarios are things like opening new investment accounts, updating or consolidating investment portfolios, bringing pensions together in a simplified manor, improving debt positions and underpinning financial protection policies.

Stage 3 – Plan Monitoring

The most important part of the process is monitoring, everything that has been done so far needs to be kept in check. Keeping track of investments, utilising tax allowances, maintaining efficiency of accounts and so on.

This is the part where we keep clients accountable, and make sure they come back and check in with plans, goals and targets. Throughout the planning partnership momentum is built, targets achieved and the lifestyle arrived at and maintained.

accountability – the fact or condition of being accountable and / or responsible.

Get in Touch

Initial introductions are at our cost so get in touch and speak to a planner, we would love to hear from you.

We can discuss the relevant steps and provide more detailed information about the services we offer, how they are relevant to your situation and we can maybe work in partnership to formulate a plan that will start you on the right financial journey.